Brook Lopez crashes Nance interview, talks about infamous dunk

One of the most polarizing dunks from last season was one that Larry Nance Jr had on former Brooklyn Nets center, now teammate, Brook Lopez.

It’s hard to forget a dunk like that, and it’s even harder if you’re on the receiving end of it. Brook Lopez had some things to say about it in his own interview, but that wasn’t enough. He decided to also crash Nance’s interview to talk about the dunk.

I just wanna congratulate him on his amazing dunks last season, really cool stuff, and I got a good view of some of them more than others, but I’m just saying it’s a new season, new media day. I mean, we can show that clip, ya know, if you guys wanna…

It’s good to see that Brook Lopez is laughing off the dunk from last year, as it was a really good dunk on the part of Larry. Now that they’re both teammates, they can dunk on the rest of the league together rather than dunk on each other.

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