About Us

Team Founders

Anthony Irwin:

Team leader and senior citizen of the staff. A Cal State Fullerton Alumnus whom we affectionately know as Gramps, Anthony once guarded Ty Lawson in High School. Predictably, it did not go well. You can currently find him writing for Forum Blue and Gold, Silver Screen and Roll, the Player’s Tribune (one of those is not true), or live-tweeting his first trip to Five Guys.

Gary Kester:

Lives in Boise (wherever that is). Former writer for Standing O Sports as well as LakersNation, Gary is also one of the few writers anywhere to have his own group of “Stans“.  Proud owner of possibly the worlds only signed Sasha Vujacic jersey.

Harrison Faigen:

Currently studying at the school Anthony built (Cal State Fullerton), Harrison is one of the few people on the planet who is not in love with In N Out Burger. Speaking of rare jerseys, Harrison is responsible for his brother owning one of Robert Sacre, sent to the family by the Lakers. It’s life-size, because that’s how Harrison rolls. You can find his work at Silver Screen and Roll.

Ryan Kelapire:

A current student at the University of Arizona, Ryan is a student-tweeter. Not a tweeter that happens to be a student. Currently writing about the Wildcats for AZ Desert Swarm of SB Nation. Interests include: lamenting the Lakers latest move or lack thereof, Aaron Carter, and Steve Novak.

Matt Vazin:

A UCSB graduate with a degree in PHILosophy. Matt discusses the Lakers daily, but his biggest contribution to the tank has been creating Tankmaster Teddy. Matt was able to intern The Kobe Bryant Academy and therefore has two signed Bryant jerseys, but more importantly, was able to give The Black Mamba a fist bump. You can currently find him running the streets of Los Angeles, while listening to classic Chick Hearn called games, in preparation for the LA Marathon or beating six-year olds in tennis.


Jacob Rude:

Sports Editor of the Wabash Plain Dealer and the Herald Press, Jacob is a real, serious reporter who for some reason fools around with us. Being a fan of the Minnesota Vikings has prepared him to deal with the Lakers’ recent struggles. His Twitter account is mostly Jennifer Lawrence gifs.

Honi Ahmadian:

Honi knows nothing about writing or journalism (no wait don’t leave), but he does enjoy sharing his opinion for people to read. He can often be seen writing for his blog, or tweeting way too much. His biggest basketball accomplishment is splashing four three pointers in a game of pickup. Honi may be the only Laker fan to buy a Steve Nash shirsey after his retirement, unironically.

Sheen Lee:

Sheen is a student and a writer, and as you can probably guess by his Twitter name, he is a giant fan of sushi. He once had a Jordan Farmar jersey and has airballed a free throw in Staples Center, so he and Ed Davis have that in common.


Thai is currently attending the University of Hawaii to stalk Lakers training camp practices study to be an English professor. He is also the only Outsider from Hawaii, but still somehow never learned to swim. Besides the Lakers, his likes include food and Marcus Mariota.
Donald is the go-to video guy for Lakers Outsiders. From postgame quotes to video breakdowns of Julius Randle, Donald has demonstrated not only a keen understanding of the game of basketball, but also an impeccable ability to record his T.V. screen with his phone.


Grant Goldberg:

Grant is both a skilled word-smith as well as showing great skill in photoshopping Taylor Swift’s Allen Iverson stepping over Kanye West’s Tyron Lue. He is also a genius with the trade machine. The team is currently hazing the rookie by making him watch Lakers games.

As long as Harrison Barnes can get a max contract for playing with Steph Curry and Draymond Green, Dillon will pursue his dream of playing in the NBA, but for now he just writes about it. Dillon lives in Ohio (so send some prayers) and currently attends Bowling Green State University. In his free time you can find Dillon watching any film James Franco is in or googling ways to keep a shark as a pet.

Austin Green:

Austin is a native Angelino and 3rd-generation Lakers fan who has a passion for writing. He also blogs about the Dodgers at Chavez Ravine Fiends along with other stuff at other places too. Austin is currently pursuing his journalism degree at Biola University in Southern California and has not entirely convinced the crew he’s not a secret Clippers fan.

Drew Hernandez:

Currently the youngest member of the team, You can find Drew in Temecula if you want to fight him over D’Angelo Russell . He is currently enrolled at Mt San Jacinto College and is a professional Netflix watcher. He started his Twitter account to win a giveaway from a famous tech Youtuber (who in fact follows the Lakers Outsiders twitter account) and only stays on the site hoping to get a free t-shirt.

Deanna Chapman

Deanna is an Orange County native who majored in Music Industry at Drexel University. While in Philadelphia for college, she stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to watch the Lakers games and her friends thought she was crazy. You can find her talking about music, TV, sports, and more on Twitter or on her podcasts, Missaligned and Welcome To Geekdom. Now she’s just hoping the Lakers will start to resemble a good team again.

Graphic Designer

Did you see us use a cool photo-shopped image on the site or on Twitter? Chances are it was Pablo’s handiwork. A die-hard Lakers fan who hails from Argentina, Pablo is is easily his country’s best contribution to the NBA since Manu Ginobili, in our opinion.


  1. Hello. I was wondering if you guys are looking for another contributor in any sorts as pertaining to writing? I’m a student journalist, heading to my junior year in college and have been with the local paper for almost four years. I am a sports/Lakers fanatic and am ultimately trying to become a sports writer and that is why I am studying journalism. Thank you, have a good day ladies and gents 🙂


  2. You lack depth in your analysis because of your lack of experience in coaching or playing. I often get frustrated at your Twitter commentary and decided to head over here and check out your experience. I was not surprised to say the least. I would recommend volunteering/shadowing at a high school or juco to gain a perspective that basketball is not some linear formula, in which if you insert player a in situation a He will perform x.


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