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Lakers Outsiders was founded in 2015 by Anthony Irwin, Gary Kester, Harrison Faigen, Matt Vazin, and Ryan Kelapire. Since then, many of the founders have moved on to other sites and endeavors. We will always have a special place in our hearts for them, and now they have a special place on the site as well.


Honi Ahmadian

Honi is a tired boy. When he’s not busy daydreaming about Marcelo Huertas, he’s telling everyone that Nevada will win the National Championship. In following his idols, JaVale McGee and Pierre, Honi is currently taking applications for alter ego names.

Kyle Hartwick

Kyle is a sports writer for the Dispatch-Argus. He’s previously been seen on Call to the Pen and Laconic Mnemonic. When he isn’t busy with us or with his real job, Kyle plays way too much Fortnite with the rest of the crew and is the best builder on a console. He also enjoys food.

Dillon Hiser

Dillon is a student at Ohio University and likes to believe he had a hand in recruiting LeBron James to the Lakers. He writes from time to time but also does all the graphics you see from LO. As the only verified Anthony Brown stan, he is still recovering from the pain of him being waived.

Jacob Rude

His Twitter account is mostly Jennifer Lawrence gifs.

Gary Kester

Gary is a student at Boise State University and he is on track to graduate in 2047. He still claims Julius Randle, D’Angelo Russell and Marcus Mariota as his sons. You can probably find him angrily tweeting about the Tennessee Titans and less angrily about the Lakers. Gary also loves potatoes.

Thai Luong

Thai Luong is a graduate student in the department of English at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. He is currently in his second year of the Master’s program. His interests revolve around Vietnamese American literature, Asian American literature, and diaspora studies.

Sheen Lee

Sheen once had a Jordan Farmar jersey and has air-balled a free throw in Staples Center, so he and Ed Davis have that in common. He also once streamed on Twitch but due to a hectic schedule, he isn’t able to as much as he wants anymore. He roots for a bad soccer team and has some interesting opinions on Destiny 2.

Deanna Chapman

Deanna Chapman is a Music Industry graduate who has a love for all things pop culture. She’s an avid reader and writer and always willing to geek out. She hosts a podcast called Welcome to Geekdom.

Drew Hernandez

Drew is currently attending University of California, Riverside and likes to think he’s on track to be an English professor. When he’s not tweeting about anime he occasionally tweets about the Lakers and meeting people in Temecula. Drew is probably fired.

Kendrew Abueg

Kendrew Abueg is the most distinguished California State University: Fullerton Alumni that follows the Lakers. He is the second most handsome person on this writing staff and first most Filipino

Friends of the Site

Grant Goldberg

Grant sometimes designs photoshops for the site, but he works for Silver Screen and Roll most of the time. You can pay him to do photoshops if you want. He’s known to enjoy steak for snacks.

Muskan Jawanda

Muskan is a friend of the site who does no writing whatsoever but occasionally replies to our twitter account with wittiness and sarcasm. She also runs the Instagram account that you can follow here.

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  1. Hello. I was wondering if you guys are looking for another contributor in any sorts as pertaining to writing? I’m a student journalist, heading to my junior year in college and have been with the local paper for almost four years. I am a sports/Lakers fanatic and am ultimately trying to become a sports writer and that is why I am studying journalism. Thank you, have a good day ladies and gents 🙂

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  3. You lack depth in your analysis because of your lack of experience in coaching or playing. I often get frustrated at your Twitter commentary and decided to head over here and check out your experience. I was not surprised to say the least. I would recommend volunteering/shadowing at a high school or juco to gain a perspective that basketball is not some linear formula, in which if you insert player a in situation a He will perform x.

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