Monday Mailbag: Which players will receive the most minutes on the Lakers?

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Yes, NBA basketball is almost back. Training camp, media day and pre-season games are all here and we are ready for it. As we enter this 2021-22 season, it’s interesting that the Lakers were actually playing in the NBA finals this time last year, but they are no longer the defending champions. The Milwaukee Bucks now have the title and the Lakers have a new roster to try and take back the Larry O’Brien trophy. The addition of Russell Westbrook will help, along with the return of players like Dwight Howard and Trevor Ariza. However, the Lakers also brought in new players like Malik Monk and Kendrick Nunn, so they should contribute as well.

Will there be enough minutes to go around? Let’s answer some of the questions we received this week on how Frank Vogel and staff will handle the minute distribution:

This is a great question, who will see the floor after the Big 3? Well, there is no obvious choice here. Quite frankly, the answer could change through the course of the season. The first person that comes to mind is Kent Bazemore. The 32-year-old wing shot the three-ball really well last season and should be a Vogel favorite with his defense.

It would also make sense for it to be a young player with fresh legs like Talen-Horton Tucker who has become better every year. Will THT make another big leap this season and cement himself as a contributor to this team? I would not rule it out.

Lastly, I think Nunn has a chance to have a real impact on this team. The third-year guard was a part of the Miami Heat team that made it to the finals and has shown some encouraging flashes throughout his career. If he is able to buy in defensively and earn those minutes, then he could be a player the Lakers rely on.

Our regular fan David Chia put on his prediction hat on and gave us the Rajon Rondo projected minutes break down. We have been on the Rondo roller coaster before and I can now say I am a firm believer in playoff Rondo.

To answer your question David, those projections look about right.

That’ll do it for this week’s mailbag. Thank you everyone for your questions. Remember the quality of these is only as good as the questions we receive so keep them coming on Twitter or through our e-mail!

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