Dennis Schröder says he never got formal contract offer from Lakers

Dennis Schröder
Photo by Jordan Johnson/NBAE via Getty Images

The time that Dennis Schröder spent with the Los Angeles Lakers did not go to anyone’s plans. The veteran point guard had a solid regular season, helping push the Lakers into the playoffs despite injuries. But two stints in health and safety protocol as well as a subpar playoff series marred his one year in purple and gold.

Ultimately, Schröder’s time in Los Angeles will be remembered mainly for a seemingly catastrophic financial decision. The former Thunder point guard reportedly turned down an offer for an $84 million contract extension from the Lakers to test out free agency. That did not go as planned as potential destinations filled their point guard holes and left Schröder without a team until the Boston Celtics swooped in with a one year deal worth less than six million dollars.

Schröder seemed to deny some of those reports during Celtics media day on Monday but did so in a contradicting manner, stating that the Lakers never gave a formal offer while also saying he and his agent decided not to sign the contract.

You can see the full video of his comments here.

Saying he did not give everything he had will surely not soften the feelings Lakers fans have towards Dennis Schröder.

Listen, I can respect the decision-making from Dennis. There’s nothing wrong with a player opting to go to a different team, whether it’s for a better comfort level or more money or a better chance at competing. Fans don’t have to like the decision but we should all respect the ability to make that choice, regardless.

What is disappointing here is that Schröder is clearly not telling the whole truth. Either the Lakers did not actually give him the extension offer that the league’s most reliable news breakers reported or Schröder and his agent said no to the offer. It simply can’t be both and there’s absolutely no reason for him to try to convince anyone of one or the other.

Let’s just say the Lakers-Celtics rivalry is going to have a slight twist to it this year.

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