Carmelo Anthony did not expect call from LeBron to join Lakers

Carmelo Anthony
Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

In what seems like something that was destined to happen after countless rumors during his multiple free agency periods, Carmelo Anthony is finally joining the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s not really a surprise that the two parties are now working together, especially when you consider the long relationship that Carmelo has had with the Lakers’ player LeBron James.

Well, you could call him one of the “players” while also calling him the “general manager” according to Carmelo Anthony. He jokingly called LeBron “the GM” in the following clip from the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast (h/t Pickuphoop on Twitter).

Although the Lakers’ actual GM Rob Pelinka has explained many times that LeBron and Anthony Davis give input on roster decisions, it’s funny for Carmelo to essentially align himself (even if it was a joke) with the 1000s of NBA fans who think LeBron is the actual GM of whatever team he is currently on at the time.

It’s also interesting to hear the way Carmelo framed the call, as Carmelo states that LeBron told him that he “needs” him. And that the time was now after calling Carmelo “champ” (who knows if Carmelo just really, really wants to be called that some day after an NBA championship).

Either way, LeBron finally gets to play with his fellow 2003 draftee. The two have been best friends since even before they were selected to the NBA, as the two make up half of the infamous “Banana Boat” group that also includes Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul (Carmelo has been lumped into this nicknamed group although he wasn’t even on the popular picture of the three other players on a banana boat).

Carmelo has talked about how he ended up on the Lakers already, and each time he does it seems he realizes the weight of what this season could do for his legacy if they were to win the 2022 NBA Finals. We’ll find out soon enough if they seem up to the task.

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