Prediction: Michael Jordan will be in ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

Michael Jordan

LeBron James and his parallels to Michael Jordan are hard to ignore. People may not want to accept it, but the trajectory is what it is. The recent trailer for ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ is the latest mark in the history books that links the two arguable holders of the G.O.A.T title.

In this day and age, Easter Eggs (no pun intended!) are all the rage. Viewers spend countless hours watching YouTube and searching the bowels of Reddit for movie clues. Marvel has made a killing with them lately. Back in the day, creators used plenty of touches to connect all kinds of entertainment. I think we will be able to put Space Jam in the same category.

As evidenced by ‘A New Legacy’s’ trailer, many of Warner Brothers’ properties are going to be used in the film. From Game of Thornes to The Iron Giant – we are getting all of the stops. So while the crossovers exist, it makes it that much easier to knock the socks of fans off. What’s a better blast than getting The King and His Airness on the court at the same time.

Yes! I am putting it out there that James will not have enough for the “Goon Squad”. Judging from the trailer, it does not appear that Don Cheadle will have his squad play fair. It wouldn’t be a movie without that, right? Like Michael Jordan getting a helping hand from Bill Murray, I think he will boost James.

With all of the countless debates and comparisons, this is a chance for arguably the largest bridge to a gap in sports history. We haven’t had a whole lot to celebrate over the last year or so, but good God, this would be major. Imagine hearing, “From North Carolina…” one last time before seeing the infamous silhouette.

Talk about a moment in time!

At the end of the day, I could be dead wrong. I’m simply projecting my hope for an epic movie moment. But man, does this feel good! As we count down the time to the movie premiere, here’s hoping that my prediction is right. Regardless, we are all ready for the Space Jam as our inner kid shows screams from excitement.

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