Trailer recap: ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

Space Jam
Image taken from the trailer for ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

It’s time for LeBron James to finally supplant Michael Jordan as the greatest of all-time. Well, owner of the greatest Space Jam movie of all-time, that is.

The trailer has finally come out for the long-awaited ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’, the sequel (reboot? remake?) to the 1996 movie starring Michael Jordan along with the cast of the Looney Tunes. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Lola Bunny, and the rest of the Looney Tunes are back for LeBron’s installment but, in true sequel fashion, there are 1,000 more other characters included in this one. This movie is being produced by Warner Bros productions (owner of HBO MAX where you can see this movie on July 16th), who decided that director Malcolm D. Lee and producer Ryan Coogler were allowed the entire universe of characters under the Warner Bros. umbrella. This includes an insane array of characters who were seen in this trailer, including the Iron Giant, Jim Carrey’s The Mask, Fred Flinstone, and even the star of the recently released ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’…you guessed it…Kong!

The plot of this movie appears to be focused on LeBron and his relationship with his younger son (his family will be played by actors so if you’re expecting Savannah, Bronny, Bryce, or Zhuri then you will be disappointed aside from a random surprise cameo). It seems that amidst the conflict between the two surrounding LeBron forcing him to play basketball, his son gets lost in a random server room of a building and is sucked into actor Don Cheadle’s “server-verse” which is a very on the nose tip that we’re about to explore a multi-universe cast of characters. Cheadle’s character apparently kidnaps LeBron’s son, with LeBron being sent to “the rejects” which are our beloved Looney Tunes. LeBron is 2D animated just like the original Looney Tunes cartoons, and is later 3D animated with the rest of the Tunes as they apparently have to beat Cheadle’s Goon Squad to get LeBron’s son back. Oh yeah, the Goon Squad appears to be digital renderings of the previously confirmed NBA/WNBA players involved with this one, including Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, and Diana Taurasi.

Oof. Now isn’t that a mess to explain! That’s the plot, but that doesn’t even come close to diving into the insane stuff that is seen in this trailer. Check out our favorite moments from the trailer.

Best moments from the ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ trailer

Lola Bunny does the famous Dwyane Wade-LeBron James alley-oop

Lola does an audio-queued wink in this shot as she tosses an alley-oop to LeBron, a very obvious “wink” towards the LeBron and Wade connection below.

Did LeBron James just pass by Westeros from Game of Thrones?!

Space Jam
Image taken from trailer for ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

He did! As LeBron James is being sucked into the Looney Tunes world, he passes what appears to be the miniature world of Westeros from the Game of Thrones intros that we saw before every episode we binged (until that god awful final season and even worse season finale). Later we see a dragon behind Iron Giant as they seemingly are rushing to get courtside seats next to Jack Nicholson to watch LeBron and Bugs beat up on the Goon Squad.

Space Jam
Image taken from the trailer for ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

He also passes by what appears to be the ‘Wizard of Oz’ universe as you see the kingdom of Oz as well as Dorothy’s Kansas that includes LeBron being swept in a tornado.

Yeah…there’s A LOT going on in this movie.

Just an insane collection of characters

Once the trailer gets to what appears to be the climactic final game of the movie, you can see just about every single character you’ve ever seen in movies surrounding the court watching LeBron and the Looney Tunes. Pause the trailer on any shot of LeBron, his wife, or Cheadle and behind them, you can see characters from places such as the DC Universe, Scooby-Doo, Mad Max, The Matrix, and more. It’ll be interesting to see if these characters serve the story more than “Hey, look who it is!” moments during the final game, but either way, this adds another level of intrigue to this movie that will already have a whole lot of hype around it once it comes out on July 16th.

You can watch this movie in theaters (hopefully once you’re fully vaccinated against COVID-19) or on HBO MAX on the same day! Let us know over on Twitter about any other characters you saw in the trailer that we didn’t note in this recap!

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