Lakers reveal Elgin Baylor inspired ‘City’ and ‘Classic’ edition jerseys

Image via Lakers Instagram (@Lakers)

The jerseys for the Los Angeles Lakers have ranged from “very good” to “very bad” throughout the past five years or so. The biggest cosmetic change came in the 2018-19 season, the first season for LeBron James where the team slightly altered their main white, yellow, and purple jerseys as they made the yellow a little more neon and added a black stripe down the side of the purple jerseys. They also introduced a Lore Series prior to that season, a series that each year would be represented by a different former great. The first year was the famous “Mamba jerseys” pioneered by Kobe Bryant (these jerseys were recently brought back by the Lakers in the 2020 playoffs). Magic Johnson had his jersey in the 2018-19 season, while Shaquille O’Neal had his alternate yellow jersey last season. This year’s Lore Series jersey will be represented by Elgin Baylor and has been revealed as the team’s “City Edition” jersey. In addition, a “Classic” royal blue jersey edition has been revealed, giving the Lakers both the home and away sets from Baylor’s glory days.

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

These jerseys were previously leaked in the Tweet below in partnership with with their explanation of the leaked jerseys in this video. The Lakers’ royal blue throwbacks were also leaked to be coming this season. These jerseys give the Lakers an absolute stockpile of jersey choices if the team were to bring back the Mamba jerseys for another go around in honor of the late, great Kobe Bryant.

Look how awesome those jerseys are! The pair of jerseys will give the fans a fresh new look for this season, while they may confuse some fans when they tune into Lakers games this season to watch LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

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