Danny Green says Lakers fans have sent him, his fiancée death threats

Danny Green
Danny Green shoots a game-winning attempt in game five of the NBA Finals (Wally Skalij/LA Times)

Los Angeles Lakers were more confident in the team than ever on Friday, believing that game five would be the one to finally win them their first championship in ten years. It obviously didn’t work out quite that way; the Heat took and matched their punches and eventually survived after Danny Green missed an open attempt at a game-winner and Markieff Morris threw the ball away after an offensive rebound.

It’s no secret that Green has struggled in these Finals – and in large stretches of the playoffs. Game five was one in which he actually shot fairly well (two-of-five from 3-point range including the last minute effort) but that didn’t stop Lakers fans from voicing their frustration at the first-time Laker. And of course, some took that to a completely unacceptable level.

Needless to say, it is entirely vile to not only send death threats or other disgusting messages to an athlete but to also include their families and loved ones is actually evil. Everyone is free to voice their frustrations about sports but this is a seriously disgusting and morally corrupt thing to do. The Lakers “fans” that feel compelled to send these to a key part of a team one win away from winning a championship are no fans at all. They should be ashamed and exiled from any community of fans of the team.

As he has been known to do all year, Green took the high road on these comments and instead turned the conversation to social justice, which he has done in every press conference since arriving at the Orlando bubble.

Green has been very candid about the mental health aspects of the game and the difficulties of seeing what fans say about him after poor performances. It’s time for Lakers fans to be decent human beings and stop this nonsense. If you can’t support everyone on the team, you don’t deserve to support the team or celebrate their accomplishments.

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