Alex Caruso embraces role of meme guy


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Alex Caruso has officially made it known. He is okay with being the “token meme guy”. The Texas A&M alumnus has garnered a lot of attention due to some circumstances out of his control, some he created himself. Caruso played well during his time on the court, and with led to him being in the spotlight more. His time in the spotlight has led him to become more of a cult hero among NBA fans. Who can forget when he dunked over Kevin Durant?

Or when he dunked on Michael Jordan?

He did not spend much time in the free-agent market as the Lakers brought him back and promised him more minutes. Caruso acknowledged this on media day. From Ohm Younmisuk of ESPN:

I hope they continue to stick with me… They kinda chose me as their meme guy. I don’t know why. It’s always good to have them rooting for you than against you

Let’s not forget that this photoshop image from Fastbreak Breakfast led to the NBA giving Caruso a drug test.

It’s great that Alex Caruso is able to enjoy the memes. Jokes aside, he is a damn good player. It’s not his fault that he reminds me of what Waluigi would look like in real life. He’s having fun with it, and we’re happy to continue that.

Given the opportunity, Caruso will show that he truly belongs on this team. He was promised minutes and he’ll reward the team if they follow through. Following the bald mamba has been fun and we’re looking forward to seeing what he can bring onto the court.

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