Podcast: Will the Lakers sign Dwight Howard to replace DeMarcus Cousins?

Dwight Howard

Despite the season being far away, the Los Angeles Lakers are already in scramble mode. Last week, Lakers center DeMarcus Cousins tore his ACL during a pickup game in Las Vegas. It’s unlikely that Anthony Davis will play major center minutes in his absence, so the Lakers have been doing their due diligence to find a backup center to replace Cousins.

The major news of the week has been that Dwight Howard and the Lakers have “mutual interest” in rekindling their relationship that ended in embarrassing fashion.

On the latest episode of the Lakers Outsiders Podcast, the guys discuss how likely it is that the Lakers go that route. Would Howard be a good fit on the team if they do sign him and will fans embrace the former All-Star after a disappointing one year of having him on the Lakers?

In addition to the Howard news, the guys discuss other center options like Joakim Noah, Kenneth Faried and Johnathon Williams who could replace part of Cousins production. Finally, they give their thoughts on the Cousins’ injury and how much of an effect it will have on the Lakers’ chances to win a title.

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