Lil Jon made a Taco Tuesday song inspired by LeBron James and you need to hear it

Lil Jon
Cover art for Lil Jon’s “Taco Tuesday”

Because the offseason is boring and we all miss NBA basketball, LeBron James’ weekly “Taco Tuesday” tradition has become a phenomenon. Originally starting as a one-time fun activity between LeBron and his family at their Brentwood home, it is now a sensation with other professional athletes joining the fun. Now, it’s even being featured in pop culture.

Last month, Lil Jon, the world-famous Atlanta-based rapper, created a “Taco Tuesday” song sampling James’ now-iconic call to arms for the delicious Mexican cuisine.

There’s not a lot more we can say to set this up. Just listen to this absolute bop. (There’s some NSFW language because Lil Jon is excited about his tacos, damn it.)

Complete with a menacing, dancing taco in the video, Lil Jon’s song exemplifies everything great about Taco Tuesday: fire food, Mariachi music, and a whole lot of fun.

So thank you to LeBron James for inspiring this beautiful piece of modern music. And thank you to Lil Jon for providing us with something we can write about in August.

Also, enjoy this Tik Tok of Lil Jon eating tacos while his song blares in the background.

Happy Taco Tuesday!

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