NBA 2K may have leaked change to Lakers jerseys

Photo via @NBA 2K20

Jerseys are a very big part of sports. They’re tied to team identity, the colors are a sense of pride, but most of all, are integral to fashion. Nike has since done a fantastic job with most of the jerseys coming out since taking over for Adidas. There have been a plethora of jersey colorways for each team. This season is no different. Last season, the Lakers received a jersey overhaul, nixing the wishbone collars (thank god) for a crew cut collar and a more traditional looking number font.

Anthony Davis, the cover athlete for NBA 2K20, was at a recent event and might have given the fans a look at updated jerseys.

First caught by a friend of the site, Grant Goldberg, it looks like the Lakers’ jersey numbers are more reminiscent of the pre-1999-2000 jersey numbers. You can see the drop shadow on the 3 of this jersey:

Photo by me @Kendrewlamar. Does anyone even read these?

Here is a picture from a 1997 Shaquille O’Neal (who signed for the Lakers on this day, 23 years ago) jersey for comparison:

Photo by @KendrewLamar. Someone, please hire me to be an NBA photographer.

The Lakers have yet to come out with an official announcement regarding a font change. An Anthony Davis jersey from this season will be a future Coachella/NBA Summer League favorite. The Kentucky alumni will be adopting the number 23 from LeBron James after the 2019-2020 NBA season. On top of a number change, another retro jersey announcement might be in the works.

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  1. I am a big Lakers fan been for a long time I am talk van exel and when magic came back… But why is it purple and gold? Clearly it’s yellow Notre Dame helmet’s are gold. I get it gold just sounds better than yellow but the color isn’t gold.

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