WATCH: Lamar Odom joins Kevin Hart in “Cold As Balls”

Given his struggles in the past and his brushes with death, any public appearance by Lamar Odom is a welcome site for Los Angeles Laker fans.

His most recent appearance on Kevin Hart’s “Cold As Balls” YouTube show, though, was an especially enjoyable site.

In an appearance to promote his new book, Odom talked a wide range of tops, starting with NBA-related questions before diving into his struggles with anxiety, addiction and his near-death experience and how it led to change in his life.

This is not the first time Odom has stepped out and talked about his past struggles, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful a message. Seeing Odom so openly talk about his past, admit that he’s overcome his addiction and talk about his future is incredible given, as previously state, just how close he came to death.

In the video, Odom talks about his time in the hospital, a time in which he says he suffered 12 strokes and six heart attacks. And survived. Odom says his doctors call him a “walking miracle” and it’s certainly true.

Odom’s book, meanwhile, an autobiography, would already be a must-read for Laker fans considering the role he played on title-winning teams. It will also be a must-read for many others battling with addiction as a testament that they, too, can overcome it. Seeing Odom embrace that role as a survivor has been an increasingly amazing sight for fans of his across the globe.

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