Photos of LeBron 16’s leaked as LeBron James announces the release of a retro design

Credit: Sneaker News

The biggest offseason acquisition this year was made by the Los Angeles Lakers as they signed LeBron James to a four-year deal. For sneakerheads, the biggest acquisition they’ll make this offseason are the LeBron 16’s. While the official design hasn’t been revealed yet, the shoe may have been leaked on social media. The image above is what the supposed design of the LeBron 16’s will be. It’s unclear about how reliable the leak is, but the shoe looks like an official Nike shoe.

Many people are impressed with how the shoe looks, but this author just doesn’t see the appeal. Everybody obviously has different style preferences, and this just doesn’t fit mine. However, one shoe I will definitely try to get my hands on was officially announced today on LeBron James Instagram page.

As the post says, it’s a redesign of the LeBron 8 shoes. These shoes fit my style way more than the leaked LeBron 16’s, and they’ll be available on Saturday, which is just in time for my massive check from Lakers Outsiders to clear the bank.

All jokes aside, I look forward to being able to purchase the redesigned shoes this weekend. Who knows, by the time the LeBron 16’s come out, I might change my mind. It being a leak and not an official design means that it could be an earlier prototype of the shoe. Perhaps Nike will release the design in purple and gold, in which case I’ll have to cash another check to buy them. Size 14 shoes aren’t cheap, and I need to get them while I can.

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