Lakers Store has all-time great day with new jerseys


The Lakers signed LeBron James this offseason and if you’re anything like me, you’re going to have to see him playing on the court to fully believe that it happened. However, we got one step closer to that yesterday as the new jerseys were unveiled and became available for purchase. Seeing the number 23 with James on the back in purple and gold is still surreal to a lot of fans, while others are getting geared up for next season. In fact, the Lakers Store had a great day of sales yesterday, with only two days having more sale numbers in their history.

While this was a great day for the Lakers store, it’s an even better day for fans. Constantly we see images on the internet of what our favorite superstars might look like in a Lakers jersey, and many of those never come to fruition. However, as of yesterday, you can now purchase a LeBron James official Lakers jersey without having to custom make one. In a few short months, we’ll see the King himself geared up in the classic purple and gold that has been updated for a nice, modern look.

Really, it’s hard to believe. With all of the pain and hardship that the team has gone through in recent memory, from the Byron era to the suspect moves made by the previous front office regime, Lakers fans haven’t had it easy. Let the internet make their comments about Lakers’ exceptionalism. Let them laugh at our team. At the end of the day, we signed LeBron James, who is arguably one of the greatest players ever. It’s hard to laugh at greatness, and that’s what the Lakers have now.

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