2018 NBA Free Agency: LeBron James “moving towards” becoming a Laker

As the final hours of pre-free agency tick away, it appears the Los Angeles Lakers are closing in on LeBron James.

Perhaps shockingly, the closer we have come to free agency, the more it feels like it’s the Lakers in the pole position for James. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said as much on Sportscenter.

The idea that James is “moving towards” becoming a Laker is both exciting and has multiple ripple effects.

The quicker James announces, the more leverage the Lakers will gain in talks with Paul George as a free agent and the San Antonio Spurs for a trade. The chance for the Lakers to pull off both moves increases as well with the Spurs losing much of the (fabricated) leverage they claimed.

As for George, being able to pitch the free agent on a chance to join James while also coming home to play for the Lakers would be a tough pitch to turn down.

Whether or not he comes and whether or not the Lakers can pull off a trade for Leonard remains to be seen, but the answers will come soon.



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