Lonzo Ball won’t change his shot in the offseason

At the Lakers’ exit interviews on Thursday, Lonzo Ball fielded a question about whether or not he would change his shot in the offseason and the simple answer to that question is no. Dating back to his days at UCLA, people have been talking about his shot and how it might not work as well for him in the NBA.

As we all know, habits are hard to break, so it makes sense that Lonzo would prefer to just make his shot work the way it is. He believes that if you want to be a good shooter, you just have to keep shooting. Plus, president of basketball operations Magic Johnson, general manager Rob Pelinka and head coach Luke Walton all don’t seem to have a problem with him keeping his shot the same.

In his rookie season, Ball missed 30 games. It’s not great for him to have been unable to play the full season, but the Lakers are showing plenty of confidence in him. His shot is a strange one to watch, but if he can continue to make them, it won’t matter nearly as much.

Ball is still recovering from an injury to his left knee. He’s getting back into the swing of things and once he gets going on his offseason agenda, one of his man areas of focus is going to be his shooting. If he can knock down more shots next season, I think you’ll see fewer people talking about him changing his shot.


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