Lakers Trade Rumors: Julius Randle ‘very unlikely’ to continue with Lakers beyond this season

Julius Randle has produced in every role the Los Angeles Lakers have asked him to fill. His reward: Being the center of trade rumors for the entirety of his final season under contract with the organization that drafted him seventh overall four years ago.

Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka are looking to inject the roster with immediate star power in the upcoming offseason at all costs, and Randle would be just the latest victim in this venture.

D’Angelo Russell has already been sacrificed to move Timofey Mozgov’s contract. Another part (or pieces) of the young core Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss built will probably serve as bait to take Luol Deng. We’ll have to see how that trade looks, but as of now Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN expressed in very clear terms Randle’s time in L.A. almost up.

The abbreviated version:

And here’s the video for full context:

Look, if everything works out and LeBron James, Paul George and whoever else contend for titles as early as next season, great. But it’s also worth noting how huge a gamble this, combined with the Russell trade is for an organization that is just now coming back from their last all-in bid.


Author: Anthony F. Irwin

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