Los Angeles Lakers unveil new Nike jerseys

The 2017-18 season marks the beginning of a partnership between the NBA and Nike, starting with new jerseys for every team.

The Lakers have finally unveiled their new jerseys set with very little changes to the classic design.

Among the few changes are a slightly different neckline and the famous swoosh on the right chest area. The waistband of shorts will also feature a Lakers logo.

This season also is the first in which teams are allowed one sponsored advertisement on their jerseys. The Lakers have not yet (and perhaps never will) found a sponsor.

Nike’s take over has had the added effect of four official jerseys. The main home and away jerseys (the longtime purple and gold ones for the Lakers) are called the association and icon jerseys, respectively. In addition, there will be two jerseys, one “inspired by the athlete’s mindset” and one “inspired by the community.”

The latter two jerseys for the Lakers have not yet been released. It is expected that the Hollywood Nights jerseys will make a comeback, albeit this time without sleeves.

The Lakers may also be one of the eight teams given a classic jersey as their Showtime-era kits are a fan favorite.


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