Podcast: Lakers Outsiders 2017 NBA Mock Draft 1.0

As the 2017 NBA Finals trudge along, the 2017 NBA Draft inches closer and closer. The draft is the next stop for the 28 teams watching the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers battle for the NBA championships for the third consecutive year.

For the Los Angeles Lakers, it will be the third straight year that they will select No. 2 overall in the NBA Draft, pushing off sending a first-round pick from the 2012 Steve Nash trade to the Philadelphia 76ers until next year. Along with the second pick in the draft, the Lakers also have the No. 28 pick from the Houston Rockets, acquired before the trade deadline along with Corey Brewer in exchange for Lou Williams.

How will the first round of the NBA Draft shake out this year? What players could the Lakers end up adding with those two picks in the first round? The guys put on their general manager hats and make the picks for their assigned teams.

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