Podcast: Lakers land No. 2 pick in NBA Draft Lottery; Paul George to LA?

It has certainly been awhile, but the Los Angeles Lakers are making headlines for all of the right reasons these days.

After a year of improvement that still only saw them win 26 games with their young core, the offseason could not be off to a better start for the purple and gold. The Lakers entered the NBA Draft Lottery with the third highest odds of landing the top pick, but just a 46.9 percent chance of remaining in the top three, meaning it was more likely they would lose their top-three protected pick to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Instead, the Lakers moved up and landed the No. 2 overall pick for the third straight year. On top of adding another valuable asset to their rebuilding efforts, more buzz about Paul George wanting to return to Los Angeles to become a Laker continues to build.

How should the Lakers approach the 2017 NBA Draft? Should they try to trade for George now or wait until free agency next summer? The guys discuss all the latest Lakers news.

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