Jeanie Buss: “Most important thing is keeping your draft picks”

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Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has made her power known in recent months, ranging from firing Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss mid-season to seeing out a coup from her siblings weeks later.

That power made her recent comments about desiring an All-Star for next season when Los Angeles hosts the All-Star game particularly interesting.

However, on Thursday, Buss appeared on Rob Perez’s Periscope show and spoke in a different tone. When asked if there’s one thing she would go back and change for the Lakers, Jeanie had this (non-answer) to say:

“In terms of basketball I wouldn’t say I know how to make basketball decisions, but I think from where I sit, the most important thing is that you keep your draft picks, you develop your players, you make a commitment to your coaching staff, you give them what they need to accomplish the goals that have been assigned to them.”

While the answer doesn’t particularly have anything to do with the question, it does offer an entirely different perspective than previously stated.

Buss’ desire for an All-Star raised concerns that the team might go all-in on acquiring someone like Paul George or even Carmelo Anthony. However, today’s comments paint a picture of patience.

There has been much made about the Lakers’ pursuit of George and a general regard as to whether they’d remain patient in their rebuild. Rob Pelinka stated the Lakers likely wouldn’t trade the number two pick the Lakers retained in Tuesday’s Draft Lottery. Similarly, Magic Johnson said the Lakers would remain patient in the off-season and plan for 2018.

However, given Jeanie Buss’ power over the franchise, having her on-board with the same mindset should further ease any doubts fans may have had about the Lakers mortgaging the future.

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  1. I agree with Jeanie, THINK MORE STRAGETICALLY, keep your young players and develop them. Don’t strip your developing players for one player! TAKE YOUR TIME!

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