Magic Johnson: ‘I do want’ Jim Buss’ job

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On ESPN First Take this morning, Magic Johnson dropped a couple of notable sound bites. First, he said he wanted Kobe Bryant to join the Laker front office, then he went on to talk about his potential position in the front office.

In the never ending media circus whirlwind tour that has been Magic’s first few weeks as a Los Angeles Lakers advisor, Magic continued stirring the pot with his latest comments regarding Jim Buss’ job.

There’s certainly no way to mix up what Magic Johnson is saying. Johnson was asked directly about Jim Buss’ job and said that he wanted it.

Again, it’s important to note that

  1. Magic Johnson was hired less than two weeks ago
  2. He’s already campaigning, publicly, for Buss’ job

Even for the optimistic of fans, what Magic Johnson has done in the last two weeks isn’t healthy for any franchise. Whether you like Buss or not, public lobbying for his position DURING the season is a terrible decision that has no positive outcomes.

As for the quote itself, take it as you wish, but it certainly seems like Magic is of the belief that Jeanie Buss sees him as a long-term fixture in the Laker front office. Interestingly, Jeanie Buss’ like of comment since Magic’s hiring is suspicious if you like to believe in conspiracy theories.

Was Magic employed as a public mouthpiece to lobby for public support to get Buss out? Again, for what it’s worth, Magic did comment on Jim and Jeanie’s relationship as well.

Still, to have someone as part of the franchise be this publicly outspoken on numerous topics is both unprecedented and a dangerous trail to head down.

For the sake of the Lakers franchise, hopefully this wild media tour is coming to an end in the very near future.

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