Rookies tab Brandon Ingram to have best career

Lakers fans have high expectations for Brandon Ingram. Drafted with the second overall pick, the Duke product is expected to be one of the premier stars for the Lakers moving forward.

It doesn’t hurt that he has received praise from Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant and is already schooling fools at Venice Beach while wearing a suit.

Apparently, Lakers fans are not the only ones to think highly of the second overall pick. His fellow 2016 Draft classmates think he’ll be pretty good as well.

In the annual rookie survey from the NBA, Ingram was voted as the player who will have the most successful career out of this draft class. The Lakers’ forward received 26.7% of the votes for that question, with Minnesota’s Kris Dunn coming in second with 16.7% of the votes.

It’s worth noting that the Blue Devils have dominated this question the last two years with Jabari Parker and Jahlil Okafor also tabbed as the most successful players. And well, so far, that hasn’t really worked out for either of them.

Ingram also received some love for the players’ Rookie of the Year predictions. The small forward came in second place behind Dunn with 25.8% of the vote.

It’s interesting to see that Ingram is well-respected by his peers. Of course, as the number two overall pick, it makes sense that the other rookies perceive him as likely to win RotY or go on to have a great career.

However, it’s still great to see the respect that Ingram has. It’s clear to a lot of people that unless something almost inconceivable happens, Ingram will have a great career. Whether he will be the best player in this draft class is another question entirely, but he at least has a great chance of doing so.

Other tidbits from the rookie survey include:

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