Ivica Zubac is not in NBA 2K17 and he is NOT happy

Update: Zubac is in the game, but has to wait on his screenshot.

Original Story Follows:

He is getting desperate.

What does a Laker gotta do to get in the latest edition of 2K? Ivica Zubac cannot answer that question because he’s still trying to get in, and now he’s looking for outside help.

In a weird series of events, or tweets, Ivica Zubac learned he was not in the famous basketball video game. 2K’s Ronnie Singh or ‘Ronnie 2K’ said he “got” Zubac, but five days later, the rookie says he is still without a rating or player.

Zubac is confused, so he’s looking towards teammate and NBA 2K connoisseur D’Angelo Russell to get him immortalized in 2K glory. Russell can’t throw lobs to his new teammate in the game just yet, but this seems like an issue that will soon be worked out.

As for reasons Zubac is not in the game, one could be the fact that the first ever 100 overall player would make the game simply unenjoyable for opposing players.

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