Jordan Clarkson rated 77 overall in NBA 2K17

Another member of the Lakers’ young core has revealed his NBA 2K17 rating. Third-year shooting guard Jordan Clarkson tweeted a screenshot of his likeness in the newest edition of the vastly popular video game franchise:

Clarkson is rated at a 77 overall, at least initially. This places him firmly between two teammates who also revealed their ratings this week: D’Angelo Russell at 79 and Larry Nance, Jr. at 75.

Depending on who you ask, that rating is either right about where he should be or a little too low. Clarkson does not have as high of a ceiling as Russell who many expect to be the leader of the team starting this season. He’s also more experienced and better positioned to have NBA success relative to Nance whose Summer League play may not necessarily translate to the regular season right away.

At times last year, Clarkson looked like the best and most consistent player on the Lakers. However, he is not as multi-dimensional as Russell who could impact the game in multiple ways.

Based on ratings for the other Lakers, Clarkson’s score seems just about right to me. But I’ve been known to be wrong about things.

Let us know what you think: is Clarkson’s overall rating too high, too low, or just right?

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