Laker Film Room Episode Nine: Motion Weak

The Los Angeles Lakers will be hoping to take a big step forward in the coming season. While wins are not a necessity for the upstart team, making productive improvements is and with head coach Luke Walton leading the way, the Purple and Gold will be hoping to do just that.

One area the Lakers struggled in last season was their offensive sets (as well as defense and special teams, somehow). Walton will hopefully bring a more modern approach adopted from the Golden State Warriors over the past week.

LAL are sure to run plenty of new sets next season. Our friend Pete Zayas detailed one of them (the pistol) last week and is back with a new video about motion weak sets. This particular aspect of the offense can create good post-up opportunities through ball-movement and player-movement. It can lead to open shots elsewhere as well as pick-and-roll opportunities out of it.

The Lakers have used the set in the past under Byron Scott. However, it was not always effective and led to slower and less efficient post-ups. Under Walton, they will attempt to improve on their deficiencies.

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