D’Angelo Russell nabs a 79 overall rating in NBA 2K17

D’Angelo Russell is arguably the best player on the Lakers and his NBA 2K17 overall may support that claim. Last year, Russell had a rating of a 76 overall in NBA 2K16. This year Russell has a 79 overall rating.

Russell began last season on a slow start but ended the season on a high note. He was the youngest player ever in the history in the NBA to hit 130 3-pointers in a season. He carried his improvements to the summer league where he dominated the competition.

It is not crazy the think that Russell may have the highest 2K ratings on the Lakers. Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle may end up around the same range as Russell. Brandon Ingram is a rookie his ratings might be a bit on the lower side.

Russell’s 2K ratings are on the modest side, especially with Karl-Anthony Towns nabbing an 88 overall rating. The plus side is that the2K ratings fluctuate throughout the season. Russell can significantly increase his ratings if he performs well during the season, and based on his improvements in the last couple of months, there should be no surprise to see Russell’s ratings improve



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