Laker Film Room Episode Eight: Pistol, Part One

It’s no secret to say that the Los Angeles Lakers’ “offense” under Byron Scott was archaic and, for the most part, simply bad.

In an era of ball movement, spacing and three-point shooting, Scott’s offense featured minimal ball movement, no spacing and far too many long-range two-pointers.

Part of the intrigue in bringing in Luke Walton as head coach this off-season is the potential for a more up-tempo, fast-paced, enjoyable offense. With players like D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randle, Larry Nance and newly-drafted Brandon Ingram, a modern offense suits the Lakers the best.

In the latest episode of Laker Film Room, friend of the show Pete Zayas breaks down a new aspect of the Lakers’ offense: the Pistol.

The breakdown focuses on Pistol, an early-action offense that the Lakers showed glimpses of during the Summer League. And while the team struggled to run it at time, mainly due to a lack of familiarity, the upside to the offense was evident.

In reality, there may have been more reads in this one offensive set than in the entirety of the Lakers’ offense under Byron Scott.

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