Brandon Ingram’s first purchase goes to his parents

The Lakers first round pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, Brandon Ingram, seems to have his head on straight. The former Duke Blue Devil is about to come into some major money when he officially signs his contract with the team. Sometimes all that money can be troublesome for young guys in Ingram’s position, but that doesn’t look like it will be the case for him.

Hailing from Kinston, North Carolina, Ingram has always been supported massively by his parents so he figured now would be a great time to repay them in some way.

A big way.

In a piece by ESPN’s Ian Begley, several rookies were asked about their first big purchase with their newfound fortune. Ingram likes to keep a low profile and has a maturity about him that is rare for a 19-year old, which he displays in his response (h/t Ryan Mayer of CBS LA).

Brandon Ingram, Los Angeles Lakers: I haven’t. But probably something for my family. Well, actually I just got my mom a house, and my dad. Probably a car for myself.

It was something I’ve always dreamed of. [My parents] provided so much for me, it was just a no-brainer. You always think about giving back to your family so, knowing that they did so much for me, I had to give back to them

With all the money that gets handed to these young kids, it would be easy to do some pretty stupid things with it, but Ingram seems well centered and that should also benefit the team and their young core.

Author: Dillon Hiser


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  1. Smart young man…I also live in Kinston and I’ll tell you it’s not an easy town to live in….there’s alot of gangs and drug infestation….I’m a small business owner and it’s very hard to make it here….so glad to see him getting out and make it…Brandon…Do good..stay grounded and live like you were raised…don’t let the fame go to your head …you can lose it a hell of alot quicker than you got it….We are all pulling for you….continue to make us proud.

  2. You are a special young man Brandon. I think you are well grounded, supported and you’ll always remember where you came from. Good Luck Sweetie with your talent, dreams and the accomplishments thus far. And what you are doing for mom and dad. AWESOME AND MATURE.

  3. Brandon your Humbleness will make even greater than you already are.. stay that way.. We love you bro here in the K and praying for ur success in your every endeavor

  4. Great Kid wish him the best even though he did go to dook. He was raised right and I know he will keep his head on straight and give back to this city he calls home.

  5. Brandon I coached against you at Eastern Wayne your Sophmore year.Your father refereed a lot of our games. I watched you and your Dad from afar and I am proud of both you guys accomplishments.Keep God first and everything else will be added unto you.⛪️📖🙏🏿👼🏿

  6. What a well grounded young man. Keep God and family first and you will be successful! 🙏From a proud Duke fan from North Carolina

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