The Lakers need a star AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA

Kobe Bryant is gone and the Lakers are in dire need of someone to step up and be the face of the franchise. Whether that’s D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, or a player who isn’t on the roster at this moment, somebody is going to have to come in and make their case to be the next Laker legend.

While he isn’t in the prime of his career, John Cena is a megastar. The megastar the Lakers need. Cena would command a pretty penny on the open market, but the signing would be well-worth the Lakers time and money.

Like any situation, there are pros and cons, but there don’t seem to be many besides the fact Cena grew up in Massachusetts a likely Celtics fan. Other than that, Cena can fill many of the Lakers gaps.

D’Angelo Russell wants to become a bully and Cena is the mentor he needs. Cena is a 14-year veteran in the WWE, so it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about pushing people around. Russell will be trying to dominate smaller guards in the post and Cena can instill some of that signature toughness in him. 

Not only would he be a solid addition on the court, but Cena could double as a strength and conditioning coach. Stacking up at 6’1″, Cena tips the scales at a sturdy 251 pounds, fair to say he’s filled out his frame. Cena is just what rookie Brandon Ingram needs. Lock Ingram in the gym with Cena for a month and he’ll come out looking like the next big thing, BRRRRRRANDON INNNGRAM (Paul Heyman voice).

The Lakers already have some fun, youthful players, but Cena would add even more charisma to the Lakers’ locker room. Not only would he be a fun addition in the clubhouse, but he’d also instill a culture of hustle, loyalty, and respect into the Lakers. And if there are any problems, he’d have no issues adjusting attitudes. Leadership is not in question, as he is already the leader of the ever growing Cenation.

Cena has hundreds of wins in the squared circle, but he’s already chalked up a win in a Lakers uniform.

He already knows what it means to be a Laker.

As I previously mentioned, the Lakers need a legend to come in and fill Kobe’s shoes. Well, what about a guy who needs the next size up?  Cena is a 24-time champion in the WWE. Talk about a winner. 24 > 5. 

Not only does Cena get it in the ring, he gets down in the studio as well. How many other athletes can you name that flow like Cena? Damian Lillard could only wish to drop bombs like the Chaingang Soldier.

Looks like he and assistant coach Brian Shaw could make the greatest collab in NBA and mixtape history.

Cena is a multifaceted star that the team could sell to free agents next summer. He would prove that Los Angeles is once again the place to be; for basketball, rap, and acting.

When it comes to the X’s and O’s of his game, it seems like Cena is a wizard. The defense simply cannot see him. With a few waves of the hand, Cena disappears from the sight of the opposition. Good thing that his potential teammate D’Angelo Russell has elite court vision and will find Cena open without any trouble.

“Yeah, Grant. But what is the point of signing Cena when Golden State just signed Kevin Durant?” Don’t worry. Cena has slammed giants before.

The Lakers may have already drafted their star in Russell, but they may feel the pressure to take the team to the next level. Cena can take get them there.

As the Lakers move forward in their rebuild, they cannot afford to pass up a potential franchise savior as obvious as John Cena.

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