Report: The Lakers will not get a meeting with Kevin Durant

Despite their hopes and aspirations, the Lakers will not get a chance to meet with this summer’s biggest free agent. Kevin Durant and his camp have denied the Lakers a meeting yet once again, according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard.

Durant spurning the Lakers in free agency is not surprising, given the lack of stability from Los Angeles in recent years and his desire to win a championship within the next couple of seasons.

However, the Lakers were hopeful to at least get a face-to-face meeting with Durant. Broussard’s Lakers source was confident in securing a Durant meeting, going as far to say it would be “shocking” if Durant didn’t talk to the Lakers.

It was farfetched to believe Durant would come to the Lakers, but it seems some people in the Lakers front office are still holding out hope that Durant will have a change of heart.

The best thing for the Lakers to do is to wait it out and have Durant come next year with his pal Russell Westbrook. *ducks to avoid tomatoes*



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