Podcast: Lakers Outsiders 2016 NBA Mock Draft, picks 1-32

The NBA Draft Lottery is less than 48 hours away, which means in two days, the Los Angeles Lakers will know the fate of their top-three protected first round pick.

Will they retain a pick near the top of the draft or be forced to convey the fourth or fifth pick to the Philadelphia 76ers? We will know soon enough.

The Lakers do have one pick that they have full control over. They have the second pick of the second round, which is the 32nd selection overall. If the ping pong balls bounce their way, Los Angeles will have the opportunity to add two young pieces to their already promising foundation before hitting free agency with an abundance of salary cap space.

For the first time this year, the Lakers Outsiders have come together to break down how the first 32 picks of the draft could unfold with an NBA mock draft live on the podcast. The draft order is based on the regular season standings, giving the Lakers picks No. 2 and No. 32. What type of haul can the purple and gold come away with?


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