WATCH: Michael Jordan pays tribute to Kobe Bryant

The Los Angeles Lakers are out East, as Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour makes its next stop in Charlotte as the purple and gold take on the Hornets. Seeing as this will be the Lakers’ only trip to Charlotte this season, the Hornets dedicated a pregame tribute to Bryant as he plays in the city of the franchise that drafted him for the final time.

While some fans of the Hornets may wonder what might have been had the team not traded the 13th pick of the 1996 NBA Draft, their owner, Michael Jordan, paid his respects to Kobe for what has been a legendary and future Hall of Fame career.

Bryant and Jordan have always been linked to one another, considering the vast similarities to their skill sets, competitive drives, and how they handled themselves on the basketball court, not to mention they played the same position.

After a great video tribute from one of his mentors, Kobe simply did what he has always done, and put up 16 points in the first half, despite battling a sore knee.

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