Sasha Vujačić: Appreciating a hero of the Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are perhaps best known (historically) for having elite players that have went on to become Hall of Famers and NBA legends. There are also the few that haven’t reached this plateau but have won the hearts of the Laker fan base with winning plays, charismatic personalities and the ability to win the trust of the most critical fan base in the NBA. The first person that came to mind is Lakers Outsider editor Harrison Faigen Sasha Vujučić. His antagonizing defense was only matched by his drive to win. Here are some of his most memorable moments as a Los Angeles Laker.

  1. Sasha Vujačić and Goran Dragic go at it

Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals between the Lakers and the Suns was an interesting game. The Lakers won 111 – 103, while they held a comfortable lead to start the 4th, everything changed when Sasha “hit” Dragic in the face after hearing some words he didn’t like. The crowd fed into it and went crazy as Dragic started heating up. This was overdramatized, but a poor flop mixed with playoff tension led to a quick swing that shone a spotlight on Dragic and almost led to a game 7.

2. Carmelo Anthony chokes Sasha

Sasha Vujačić is an irritant. He will get under your skin and piss you off to no end. He is known for this label as a defender. He will do the little things with a work ethic like no other, but he also can do it on the offensive side of the ball. Pin it as built up frustration but Sasha is able to get Carmelo to grab his neck and receive an automatic ejection for his effort. I wonder if Sasha flopped to get that call, and am interested to find out if they worked it out now as teammates.

3. Sasha Vujačić is on kiss cam with Andrew Bynum

Fans everywhere enjoy the kiss cam in stadiums, it can be funny, sweet or just ugly. The most well received reaction is a shot of two opposing players sitting next to each other. In Washington, DC this honor was bestowed onto Andrew Bynum and Sasha, what a pair.

4. Sasha is engaged to Maria Sharapova

The legend only cemented his role when he dated the tennis star that always lost to the real star of the tennis world. The couple announced the end of their engagement near fall of 2012, but their relationship might have led to the best video of this whole post.

5. Sasha Vujačić posterizes two Trailblazers

I have always said there are three things in life you can’t stop: a raging bull, Lebron when he drives, or Sasha at this moment. Vujačić knew he had to make it a three-point game and completely demoralize Portland heading into the 4th, how else but destroying Camby and Batum?

6. Sasha ices game 7

In his most memorable moment as a Laker, Sasha shoots the final two free-throws in game 7 of the NBA Finals to ice the game. They were his only two points of the game but they were important as it gave the Lakers a four-point lead with 11.7 seconds left. I wonder if Kawhi Leonard ever watches this video and cries?

The Lakers Outsiders would like to thank “The Machine” for being a true hero of a golden era.

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