Outsiders Mailbag: Would you rather have LeBron or Curry?

Every Monday, we field and answer your questions submitted to us on Twitter and Facebook. Yesterday, we decided to have a little bit of fun on the Labor Day holiday and draft the best all-time Lakers starting five and head coach we could. As a result, Mailbag Monday is Mailbag Tuesday this week. If that bothers you, then all complaints should be sent to Harrison. Now without further ado, let’s see what this week has to offer.

Gary: There is always a chance, because crazy things happen in sports. However, I think the odds of matching that team’s win total (48) are very slim. With so much youth on the roster expected to play a major role, some growing pains will naturally come along with them. I believe this year’s campaign will present a vastly improved product on the court from a year ago, but ultimately end up similar to the 1993-94 squad, who finished 33-49. Baby steps.

Anthony: I hate agreeing with Gary, so I won’t.

I’m kidding. Here’s the thing with rookies: They tend to suck at first. It’s why for so long rookie quarterbacks sat their first year as they got used to playing in the NFL. It’s why the rookie/sophomore game is never fun. It’s why we don’t let rookies on the podcast. (SHOTS FIRED).

People might get sick of me saying this, but temper your expectations. Growth and progress will be fun, I swear.

Gary: I have never been a big fan of Byron Scott the head coach. The player was awesome, from all the old film I have watched, but his coaching career has been flat out ugly far too often. With that being said, you have to give him a fair chance. Last year’s roster was atrocious, especially when Kobe Bryant went down. I have never been a believer in firing a coach after one season. The franchise is rebuilding, so it is going to take a few years. I will give him another year or two before determining my opinion of his coaching job with this team. If they are not taking the necessary steps forward over the next couple of seasons, then yes, it should be time to find someone else.

Anthony: I was thinking about Byron today before this article and it’s kinda weird. His tenures have been defined by incredible extremes. He’s coached in the finals but was forced out by a frustrated Jason Kidd. He helped develop Chris Paul but David West didn’t beat around the bush after Scott was out. Now, with the Lakers, he’s coming off the worst season in franchise history and enjoyed little to zero success in getting the most out of an already talent-depleted roster.

To answer the question, he hasn’t been fired because he hasn’t been given a professional team, yet. This is the closest thing they’ve ever had to such a roster, but it’s still going to be a struggle for most of the season. If he fails to relate to the youth, though, and they seem frustrated for most of the year, he probably won’t be around much longer.

Gary: I have honestly never had the No. 1 pick in any fantasy football draft, and I have been playing since I was just a kid. So, I might panic and just yell out, “Chandler Parsons!” Looking at you, Harrison. No, but in all seriousness, I would take Le’Veon Bell, even with his two-game suspension. That offense is going to be insane this season, and Bell is going to get a large bulk of the touches.

Anthony: I’m a homer, but I think Adrian Peterson is going to be special this season. Remember how great LaDanian Tomlinson was under Norv Turner? Now think of Peterson (a better running back, in my opinion) in such an offense with weapons around him. I’ve tried to keep my excitement level to something lower than “streaking around the neighborhood” (Editor’s Note: Thank goodness), but this Vikings team could really surprise people. Peterson is a huge reason for my excitement.


Gary: Man, this is a tough one. Curry is currently only one ring behind him and he is a few years younger, with an outstanding supporting cast and coach around him. Plus it seems like wherever Jerry West goes, a title-contending team seems to be right there with him (Editor’s Note: the fine people of Memphis disagree). There are a lot of things favoring Curry here, but I am actually going to take LeBron. To me, he is still the best player in the game and plays in the Eastern Conference, so his odds of making it to the NBA Finals every year are pretty favorable. Plus, Cleveland opened up the checkbook this summer and surrounded him with a ton of talent.

Anthony: Holy crap this is tough. I’m going with James, though. It’s always smart to bet against players winning championships because the odds are so insane that any team will overcome everything they have to (injuries, competition, etc.) to wind up on top after it’s all said and done. As it stands, LeBron is winning. If I had to put money on it, I’m pretty comfortable saying he’ll have more when he hangs up that oversized headband.

God. I agreed with Gary again. Eff this.


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