Mailbag Monday: What will D’Angelo Russell average as a rookie?

Anthony: I’m thinking right around 10 points, 6 six assists and 4 rebounds per game.

Ryan: I think 12 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists per game seems reasonable.

Anthony: Would simply asking for a healthy season be too little? Semi-honest question. Aside from that, though, all I honestly care about is consistent development and improvement throughout the season. Sure, he’ll have his lulls where we’ll wonder what the heck is going on, but if we can legitimately say at the end of the year Randle is noticeably better than he was when it started, I’d call the season a success.

Ryan: I just want him to stay on the court, and improve his mid-range game. He was decent, but nothing special in Summer League and I hope that was just a product of it being his first real game since breaking his leg. The Lakers really need him to become an above-average player in the future.

Anthony: Harrison. The answer to this question is always Harrison. #BlameHarrison

Ryan: Gonna have to go with Anthony here. The world would be a better place without his awful puns.

Anthony: I changed my mind. Ryan gets my vote. I’m not above pettiness.

Anthony: We need to think of something incredibly inefficient and stubborn. A mule would come to mind, but they more than pull their own weight. A manatee serves no purpose but that feels kinda mean. Alright, let’s stick with the manatee.

Ryan: I would say a tortoise. He’s been around for a long time — perhaps too long — and he’s a little slow at grasping modern NBA concepts. However, I do think a tortoise could uncross its arms quicker than Byron can.

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