Podcast: Drafting a 2021-22 Lakers season starter pack

(AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

This week in Los Angeles Lakers news, we had the introductory press conference for new head coach Darvin Ham. We’ve also started hearing news on what Darvin Ham’s coaching staff will look like, with Phil Handy being a notable holdover from Frank Vogel’s staff while nearly everyone else was shown the door.

Once that news settles down, there most likely won’t be much going on in Lakersland for two, maybe three weeks. The 2022 NBA Draft will be on June 23rd (the Lakers currently have zero picks), Russell Westbrook has until June 29th to officially pick up his 2022-23 player option which will make him legally tradeable, and then free agency starts on August 2nd.

With a little time in between notable events for the Lakers, we here at Lakers Outsiders decided to have some fun with some podcast drafts. Today, we started off with creating a sort of “2021-22 Lakers season starter pack”. Donny McHenry, Alex Torres, and Chris Walton took turns drafting notable moments from the terrible season that was, taking time to take one selection from each of the four categories that we felt perfectly capsulated what this year was:

  • Best win
  • Worst loss
  • Funniest (or saddest) moment of the season
  • Best (or worst) quote from Russell Westbrook this season

The exercise was a bit therapeutic as we got to have some laughs about the 33-49 season now that we have some distance between the end of it and now.

Be on the lookout for some more drafts from us in the coming weeks, as we will most likely be doing “Best Lakers role players of all-time” as well as “Best Lakers draft picks of all-time”. Amidst that, we will also have different kinds of “draft” content as although the Lakers don’t currently have a draft pick this season… they may end up buying a second-round pick to try and hit a home run on another type of Austin Reaves player.

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