Report: Darvin Ham is the head coach LeBron James wants

LeBron James
Image credit: Steven Ryan / Getty Images

LeBron James needs to have his hands in whatever moves the Los Angeles Lakers make. It doesn’t matter how much he denies his involvement, it’s the cost of being the “boss” as they say. James isn’t technically the one calling the shots for the Lakers, but he’s always had a significant amount of power wherever he plays throughout his career.

LeBron is without a coach, and if he wants to make the best of his last few years, he must want someone in sync with his goals. He was reportedly behind the idea of the Lakers looking at hiring Mark Jackson. Things are no different with Darvin Ham, who has become one of the final names that could possibly lead the Lakers into the future.

Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus covered the latest news on the team’s coaching search, including where James reportedly stands on Ham.

The Lakers may be willing to take that leap of faith because Ham spent two years with the organization. His personality isn’t easily forgotten. Ham brings a lot of energy to a gym. He’s arguably the best fit for the locker room, with veterans like LeBron James, Anthony Davis and possibly Russell Westbrook in need of a coach they can relate to and respect.

“He’s the guy LeBron wants,” a competing source said.

With sourcing seeming to emerge from outside of the Lakers organization, it begs the question of James’ support as legitimate. As mentioned, LeBron was reportedly behind bringing in the much-maligned Jackson as head coach – so does it truly mean he knows who he wants at the helm? At the rate of news coming from every corner of the Lakers, no one can shift the weight of their beliefs in any direction. What remains true and evident is that Ham is certainly at the forefront of closing the deal on the coaching front.

If LeBron’s support is true, that’s a ringing endorsement for Ham. Having that respect from James bodes well for how he could come into the locker room. James isn’t the type to align himself against coaches, but it’s always great for a coaching staff and star to be in sync and form an identity. Arguably, this has been the Lakers biggest flaw since taking home the 2020 NBA championship. When LeBron is bought in and engaged, the Lakers are a formidable team. This allows Anthony Davis to reinforce those same principles and accountability.

Lastly, this means that the front office and its superstars are getting in line. Despite the perception, all three parties – executives, stars, and coaching – make life easier and breeds more success when on one accord. As of now, the franchise is taking small steps to set up for a better season. Let’s hope this ends as expected with them making the move that only seems right.

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