Report: Lakers looking to trade Kent Bazemore

Kent Bazemore
(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

Kent Bazemore has certainly seen better days as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. When he committed to his second stint with the team, he was penciled in as their starting shooting guard. His energy and shooting were exactly what they needed in their first unit. Not before long, the season started, and Bazemore’s time was underway.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t quite duplicate the veteran qualities that he showed with the Golden State Warriors last season. Per, Bazemore shot 42.3 percent in October from the three-point line last season. In November, that number plummeted to 11.8 percent. His minutes were reduced from 28 per game down to just 15, and he was replaced in the starting lineup.

Since that time, he’s rarely been used. He just had his season-high of 13 points against the Charlotte Hornets. It’s a possibility that there’s something there with Bazemore. All signs point to him having to look elsewhere to prove that.

Amongst the veteran minimum players they signed this summer, he’s been mentioned as tradable. Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer reported their intentions to move him before next week’s 2022 NBA Trade Deadline:

The Lakers are searching to find Kent Bazemore a new home after he opened the season as a starter.

The report tracks with earlier news this season about Bazemore being moved, along with DeAndre Jordan. Both players started this season in the same standing, but are out of the rotation at the moment. It’s yet to be known what a package for either will look like. The team could use money or second-round picks to sweeten the deal for a team that may be reluctant to trade for Bazemore.

Regardless. the team is in need of some upgrades. If they make a move for any of the two players, it may not mean they take back salary. If that happens, it opens roster spots for possible buyouts or other options.

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