Report: Frank Vogel won’t be fired after Pacers loss; will travel to face Magic

Frank Vogel
Image Credit: Katelyn Mulcahy

The Los Angeles Lakers–even when compared to the franchise’s history–are an absolute drama-filled dumpster fire right now. In what is a comical timeline of events, the Lakers got their best win of the season Monday against the Jazz only to wake up Tuesday to rumors of the team just waiting for a bad loss to fire head coach Frank Vogel. After that, there were reports detailing Kurt Rambis interjecting himself into coaching meetings, continuing a story of him having a secretive, yet extremely powerful role in the organization.

And then, one of those bad losses happened. The Lakers lost last night to the lowly Indiana Pacers without Myles Turner to a final score of 111-104. It was such a chaotic lead-up to the game involving Frank Vogel, that we even had a report following the game from Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes that he would not be relieved of his head coaching duties ahead of their road trip to Orlando to face the Magic on Friday.

The Lakers will now be gone from Los Angeles for six straight games as part of the annual, long Grammy Awards road trip (although the Grammys have been postponed to a later date due to COVID-19). The team has a somewhat easy start against the Magic, coincidentally following the Pacers as Vogel faces his old teams amidst one of the hottest seats in the league, but then it’ll get tough.

After facing the Magic, the Lakers will then play the Heat, Nets, 76ers, Hornets, and Hawks before their next home game on February 2nd. Would the Lakers fire Vogel if they lost to the Magic? What about if they had a catastrophically bad loss against the Heat, Nets, 76ers, or any of the other teams after them? I’d argue their chances of beating the three teams following the Magic are zero, but it should be noted that Anthony Davis may return in this trip. However, it was alluded in that Tuesday report that if the Lakers lost to the Jazz on Monday, another game where I had zero hope for the Lakers, then Vogel would have been canned.

Either way, we may be in store for these stupid reports after each loss. Hell, given the fact that the initial report came after the Lakers’ best win of the season, maybe the “Is Vogel fired or not?” reports will come after wins during this road trip as well!

You would think that the team could just tell Vogel after each game he’s not fired and not cause additional hoopla online with their fans, causing the pre-game and post-game scrutiny from the media to grow more toxic game, by game, by game.

Man, the Lakers are really annoying. Aren’t they?

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