Paul Pierce is again denying the Truth that he pooped his pants

Paul Pierce
Did The Truth poop his pants or not? (Image via ESPN/YouTube)

Paul Pierce was once dubbed as The Truth, a nickname given to him by Shaquille O’Neal that became his pseudonym for the remainder of his career.

But that is exactly what the former Boston Celtics star is denying once again, the Truth that he once pooped his pants during the NBA Finals and pretended to be injured to avoid embarrassment.

You’ve all seen the infamous clip. In the third quarter of game one of the 2008 NBA Finals, Pierce goes down with what appears to be a knee injury. He is taken off the court with a wheelchair but just a few short minutes later, he walks back out to the court with nothing more than a wrap around the allegedly injured joint.

The Celtics went on to defeat our beloved Los Angeles Lakers in those Finals as the purple and gold’s own legitimate injuries were too much to overcome against Pierce and company.

But despite those Celtics talking about their one title as a “big three” and the first for the franchise in 20-something years like it was a dynasty, the lasting image of that fateful June had been Pierce on that wheelchair.

Rumors have abounded for the past 13 years on what could have possibly resulted in the need for a wheelchair to remove the forward from the game only for him to magically return with seemingly no treatment other than the knee wrap. The favorite theory of a conscientious public has become that Pierce simply had an accident, that while he was a number one option offensively, he picked the number two option in his green and white shorts.

Paul Pierce denied those rumors on Friday telling The Athletic’s Michelle Beadle that it would make no sense for him to sit on a wheelchair and squish the alleged feces against himself.

But that logic is half-hearted. When one has already done the deed and felt it against their skin, the extra contact created by merely sitting on it is much less of a concern than getting out of that situation. The whole origination of the poop theory of 2008 was a desire of an All-Star to not show the world his unfortunate accident. Under that assumption, why would he not sit on what would have been a remarkable stain on the backdrop of one of the most iconic uniforms in sports?

Where Pierce’s denials really miss the mark, however, is that he has already admitted to the widely held belief before and on national television, no less.

So why turn back now, Paul Pierce? Why lie to the world when you have already admitted to the Truth? Why go against the nickname that was handed to you as a sign of respect by a rival?

Pierce did poop his pants that night. He did sit on a wheelchair, smearing any and all of the evidence against himself in the process, in order to hide that fact. And he did return to the court after merely wiping himself clean and changing his shorts. These lies that he continuously feeds to the media and the fans only serve to delegitimize the only successful Celtics season since the Reagan administration.

It’s time to come clean just like the new shorts you received in that locker room in June of 2008, Paul Pierce. It’s time to live the Truth.

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