Mailbag Monday: Which Lakers player would win Squid Game?

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The week is finally here. The NBA is finally ready to tip off the 2021-22 season. We finally get to see the Lakers back on the court after a disappointing end to last season. Now, LeBron James and Anthony Davis are healthy and ready to reclaim their throne. Also, they added Russell Westbrook to the mix to help with that mission.

We are going to ignore the fact that the Lakers failed to win a preseason game. After all, it’s only the preseason. It’s also important to note that building chemistry takes time. We cannot expect the Lakers to open the season without first experiencing some growing pains. The biggest thing for the Lakers is health and they are already off to a rough start. First it was Trevor Ariza, then the rest started to drop slowly but surely.

Starting Tuesday, the Lakers will have 82 games to figure it out. It won’t be pretty and the critics will be quick to point out their flaws, but patience is a virtue. This team is filled with veteran presence and championship experience. Ultimately, as long as you have a healthy LeBron and AD, then you have to feel good about your chances.

Before we take a deep dive into this opening game with the Warriors, let’s take a look at some of the questions we received this week:

No offense to all of the great people who ask us questions every week, but this was definitely my favorite. Now, before I answer this question, if you have not seen Squid Game then I highly suggest you watch it. Also my response might spoil it for you, so read at your own risk. For the millions of people who have watched, then this will be fun.


Now, I know the easy answer is LeBron James. A cerebral assassin on the court would surely use those same skills to survive the challenges and dangers of Squid Game. However, let’s start with some other Laker players that would do well. Based on some of the games that they played in the show, you not only need strength, but also intelligence so a player like Rajon Rondo would be one of my favorites. His high IQ would allow him to build an alliance and outsmart his opponent on every turn.

As we saw on the show, the challenges often require quick thinking and attentiveness. Who is arguably the quickest person on the team? Westbrook and since he spent two years at UCLA, he definitely learned a thing or two at such a fine institution. Lastly, does anybody have Russ’ killer mentality? Nobody is as intense as Westbrook and he will fight to the end.

Another warning, this is where the spoiler is occuring. We all remember the epic final Squid Game where the childhood friends Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo fought to the death. The show’s main character had an opportunity to kill his friend, but could not do it, even with all that money on the line. I’d be lying if I didn’t see LeBron and Davis in that same scenario. Who would win though? The last game is all about strength and plowing over your opponent. I have to give the slight edge to James. While they both weigh around 250 pounds, LeBron has a lower center of gravity. King James is crowned as the Squid Game champion.

Our regular David Chia had more of a basketball related question. I think Frank Vogel has some tricks up his sleeve to try and slow down Steph Curry. The generational Curry will still be incredibly effective, so as the old adage goes, “you can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him”.

The Warriors are coming into this season with higher expectations and a good supporting cast behind Curry. Not to mention they are finally getting Klay Thompson back and if he’s the same Splash brother we remember, then the Warriors will be a serious threat.

As far as Curry goes, there’s not a player in this league that can stop him so it will definitely be a team effort. A box and 1 seems logical, but you have to trust Vogel to have an effective game plan for the two-time MVP.

That’ll do it for this week’s mailbag. Thank you everyone for your questions. Remember the quality of these is only as good as the questions we receive so keep them coming on Twitter or through our e-mail!

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