Dwight Howard returns to Lakers for a third stint

Dwight Howard
Photo by Ashley Landis / Associated Press

Remember when Dwight Howard spurned the Los Angeles Lakers to sign with the Houston Rockets. Not only did he reject the Lakers, but an opportunity to play and win with Kobe Bryant.

I never imagined a situation where I would be happy to see Howard with the Lakers again, but then he became part of the team that delivered the 17th title to this organization and that all changed.

He actually wanted to come back last season, but some confusion from the Lakers front led to him going to the Philadelphia 76ers. After a year apart though, it looks like Howard wants to endear himself to Lakers fans yet again.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Lakers and Howard have agreed to a reunion to bring the big man back to Los Angeles:



Howard makes so much sense for the Lakers at that bargain price. He showed his value when going up against Jokic and other big men around the NBA. He is still in incredible shape and at this point in his career, he understands his role, which is incredibly important.

While the expectation is for Davis to play the five more next season, having Gasol to spread the floor and Howard to bang with the big bodies is ideal. Gasol and Howard can take turns playing center while Davis is on the bench or in other rotations that make sense.

If you could go back in time, could you convince yourself that you would be thrilled to have Dwight Howard back? I would have said no, but here we are.

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