Anthony Davis: “We really can’t get any lower than this”

Anthony Davis
Image from photo album on with credit given to Adam Pantozzi and Kevork Djansezian; NBA Entertainment and Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Toronto Raptors last night to the final score of 121-114. It’s the third straight loss for the Lakers, as the returns of Anthony Davis and LeBron James have proven to be useless to correcting the course of the Lakers’ ship as they sail towards the playoffs. With eight games remaining for the team, they sit at the 6th seed in a three-way tie with the Mavericks and Trail Blazers at 36-28. The Lakers currently have a tiebreaker over the Trail Blazers, but still have to play them later this week on Friday. If the Lakers fall to 7th prior to the playoffs, they will have to play in the play-in tournament between the seven, eight, nine, and ten seeds.

Needless to say, things are looking dismal in Laker-land. Anthony Davis knows this, stating the obvious after last night’s loss (per Bill Oram and The Athletic).

Speaking about his own health issues as he continues to physically ramp up from his return, Davis preluded his grim comments with the following (per Spectrum SportsNet):

“My leg is starting to feel pretty good. I’m still trying to get that “game wind” back. Each game I’m boosting the minutes up more and more to try and get that back as quickly as possible. Still trying to get a rhythm, still trying to find a rhythm, you know some games it feels good — all the games it feels good, all the shots feel good. But a lot of things are short or long because of the legs. Just trying to stay the course, keep working, keep finding it. You know the entire team is kinda in a slump right now, in a drought…not more so individually, just collectively on both ends of the ball. We just have to stay the course and stay together.”

We will get a quick look to see if the Lakers can start making a step in the right direction with the second night of a back-to-back to tip-off tonight against the surging Denver Nuggets.

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