Lakers to wear new “Earned” jerseys Friday vs. Pacers

Screenshot from image on Twitter of @OKCTracker

Are you a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers? Is your closet looking a little bare? Well then do I have great news for you.

The Lakers have announced a new set of jerseys called “Earned” edition jerseys. Below you can see the jersey from the Lakers’ official announcement on Twitter, as well as the leaked images of the jersey that were teased prior to the release by Twitter user @OKCTracker.

The collection of jerseys are called the “Earned” edition as the 16 teams from the 2020 Playoffs are the only teams to receive these. Many of these jerseys are much more calm versions of the teams’ “City” jerseys which are almost all completely different colorways than what is normal for each team. There are, of course, some exceptions to what I just said within the “Earned” collection (the Utah Jazz have green jerseys), but the Lakers stayed true to themselves including their purple and gold with some very dark grey that invokes memories of “Hollywood Nights” and “Mamba” jerseys from recent years.

In addition, the Lakers have something that all other teams’ jerseys don’t have…a gold Nike swoosh. All other teams will have white/black Nike swooshes on their jerseys while the Lakers get the gold swoosh in remembrance of them being the lone team standing when it was all said and done after the 2020 NBA Finals. The little detail is a fun addition to this already fun set of jerseys.

The Lakers will apparently waste no time getting into these threads, as the NBA’s website shows they will wear these Friday night against the Indiana Pacers as they will be wearing yellow. It appears that these jerseys are not yet on sale on the NBA’s website, but you can go there to buy the light blue and royal blue “City” and “Classic” jerseys while you wait for the new “Earned” jerseys to go on sale.

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