Dennis Schröder: Swagger On and Off The Floor

Dennis Schröder is showing his importance to the Lakers. (Image via Zach Beeker/NBAE)

Dennis Schröder stirs the drink for the Los Angeles Lakers. It shouldn’t have taken the latest win streak to show this. The Lakers haven’t had anyone to spare LeBron James and his efforts in the absence of Anthony Davis. Now, they’ve got their guy back and he’s giving them his typical boost.

Confident, Not Cocky

From the time that he arrived in L.A., Schröder has said he’s a starter. Naturally, it was met with curiosity. The Lakers had enough offense between James and Davis in their starting group. What was the reason for adding another guy on the ball with Dennis? Now 24 wins later, I don’t think there are any more questions about Schröder’s confidence.

In between those wins and their worst stretch of basketball in a while, the Lakers lost him. He was down for four games due to the league’s health and safety protocol.

What I personally missed about Schröder is his swagger. I hate to sound corny, but this is a real thing. If I could build a modern NBA point guard, it’d be him. On the floor, you have this speedy athlete with great length. He combines this with incredible touch and craft. And if you feel like he’s all drive, he doesn’t mind pulling up on you.

Defensively, he’s fearless. He will switch on anybody and battle them to the death. He has a certain nastiness and pride about getting up in his guy. It’s a real treat to watch when he’s fully locked in. Here’s some fun work captured by Pete Zayas of Laker Film Room:

King of Stage

His look is reminiscent of a futuristic movie protagonist. His trademark blonde streak and fashion-forward gear are so Los Angeles. Everything is eye-popping but in a good way! He’s quickly catching up on Kyle Kuzma as king of tunnel fashion.

He’s quickly rising as one of my favorite NBA sneakerheads. Like Montrezl Harrell, he rocks all signatures and colorways. He’s worn Kobe PEs, LeBron’s brand, and even copped a pair of Kuzma’s Puma line. You have to love it as a fan.

Photo taken by Joe Murphy/NBA Entertainment – Schroder rocks Kevin Durant’s signature shoe

The thing is that this is authentic Dennis. Ever since he was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks from Germany (SG Braunschweig), he’s remained the same dynamo. Being local in Georgia, I knew about his love for cars. His arsenal of vehicles is just as eccentric as you might imagine. This is probably my favorite that I knew he owned.

There’s still a lot of basketball and fashion to enjoy from Dennis The Menace. He’s hands-down one of my favorite Lakers addition in a while. Right now, he’s on the last year of his deal and should be looking to re-up very soon. Hopefully, his stay in Los Angles gets extended past this season. We would love to enjoy his energy for a long time to come.


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