Welcome to The Montrezl Harrell Show

Montrezl Harrell
(Harry How/Getty Images)

Watching Montrezl Harrell play basketball reminds me of something that Andre 3000 once said about the legendary OutKast. Stacks talked about dressing and doing videos the way that their music sounded. This explained the effervescence of their imagery. Everything was colorful. All the music had distinct soul and melody. That’s what Trezz does on and off the floor. He represents the energy that’s made him one of the greatest reserves that the league has ever seen.

When the Lakers started free agency, Harrell was not on anyone’s list as a possibility. He surprised the basketball world by moving his things across the hall to the champs. He spoke to the media about what led to his decision:

“As far as my decision, it (relationship with James and Davis) didn’t have any effect, because at the end of the day my decision doesn’t affect neither one of those guys’ lives,” Harrell said. “I have a family I have to provide for, so my decision was my decision. I talked with my family and people in my tight circle, and this is what we felt was best for me.”

Regardless of how he got there, the Lakers are just glad he made it. The choice is paying off as they sit at 14-4, an NBA-best record. Harrell is 10th in bench scoring in the NBA at 13.7 points per game.

Fashion Savant

Off the floor, it’s even more of a show. He dons his gold rim shades and dangling chains – a trademark. It’s the way of the fashion-forward wave in the NBA. Trezz is right in the thick of it. He takes that on the floor with him. He’s a sneakerhead with an extensive collection of customs. From Air Jordans to Reeboks, he’s got a pair for every occasion. The court is just his runway for takeoff and what the young folks call “drip”.

Man of the People

You can tell he loves the camaraderie of basketball. We’ve seen the way that Anthony Davis has playfully complimented him on his jewelry and shoes. It’s really a buddy cop relationship, I swear!

Davis is relatively quiet, but Harrell seems to bring the best out of him. That’s what every team needs. He’s a guy that bridges the gap with everyone on the squad.

Hard In The Paint 

Harrell’s play backs up everything he gives us. Off the bench, he’s like an eloquent wrecking ball. People forget that he’s the size of an NBA shooting guard at 6’7. That doesn’t stop him from banging with DeMarcus Cousins and Andre Drummond. It’s amazing how he’s able to have his way in the land of the trees. Harrell has a strong chance of going back to back as the Sixth Man of the Year.

The Lakers are notoriously known for their star-power and glamour. Trezz is fitting right into both repertoires. For balance’s sake, he’s been able to add a dash of ruggedness to the mix. It doesn’t matter how it looks, as long as it’s winning basketball. It’s a nastiness that pays dividends for a champion. And that’s something I’m sure he doesn’t mind supplying. After all, the gold doesn’t get dug without getting dirty, right? It’s all apart of the show.

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