WATCH: Anthony Davis appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Anthony Davis
Nathaniel S. Butler / National Basketball Association / Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers are 2020 NBA Champions. I’m sure you already know that, but I just have to say that as much as possible since it sounds so good. Many fans of other teams would scoff at Lakers fans saying it had been so long since the Lakers’ last championship, but it does make it feel much longer when many of the 2010s Lakers teams were…very bad. The last championship was in 2010, and as Kobe Bryant and those teams did, Anthony Davis decided to stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss the championship and other things with the Larry O’Brien trophy sitting right by him.

Anthony Davis was asked overall how it felt to be a champion by Jimmy Kimmel, with Davis saying the following:

“It feels great, Jimmy. You know, going through everything I’ve been through the past couple of years, just wanting to win, wanting to be a champion, it’s all comes full circle. The things we’ve been through as a team this year, we’ve been through this journey for a full calendar year. It’s crazy because on October 9th (2019), we would have traveled to go to China for the preseason games. So we’ve been at it for a full calendar year trying to get to this moment and it was very special when we got there.”

Anthony Davis was also asked about his relationship with Kobe Bryant that first blossomed on the 2012 Olympics team. He talked about the infamous moment that happened when Davis forgot to put his jersey on underneath his warmups, as Kobe was joking with him when everyone realized Davis couldn’t enter the game because of the mishap.

“It’s a picture that floats around with me and him on the bench at one of the games and he’s looking down my shirt and it’s because I forgot my jersey for one of the games so he told me about not forgetting my jersey, “How do you want to be great and show people what you want to do if you don’t have your jersey on.””

Be sure to watch the full interview, as Davis also talks about crying at the end, the bus forgetting to pick up Quinn Cook after the game to take him to the hotel, as well as his parents being there for the moment.

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